STUDIO A.D. PROJECT was founded in 2008 from the professional surveyor building Architect Alessandro Butteri and Engineer Davide Pomi, professionals with thirty years of experience in conducting technical performance, design and consultancy services in the construction sector and related branches to private individuals, businesses and organizations public.

The firm also takes advantage of the collaboration and/or consultation with other professionals in the industry such as engineers, architects, heating technicians, accountants, notaries, geologists and lawyers.

The constant improvement trend, together with technological innovation and the continuing professional education, are the strengths of our business in order to provide our customers with services that meet their needs.

Our commitment is to manage in a planned and coordinated the relationship with the customer who is the ultimate recipient of all professional services, through skills, experience and expertise that we and our employees we are able to provide.

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  • Our services

    As an example, we summarize the performance and technical and professional services offered:

    – drafting of building practices to obtain the “certificates of permission” carry out the work;

    – practices that obtaining permits hygienic, health and trade;

    – design and project management for new construction and renovation of residential buildings, rural and industrial purposes;

    – preparation of bill of quantities;

    – “Safety at Construction” pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008, as amended;

    – preparation and execution of surveys plano-altimetric aimed at the training of maps;

    – execution and preparation of “types cadastral and/or fractionation” for updating cadastral maps;

    – editor of “land registry” for stacking of new buildings and changes in real estate;

    – operations riconfinamento with electro-optical instrumentation;

    – preparation of estimates and appraisals.