The firm works with companies in the sector in order to provide a service characterized by competence, promptness and professionalism.

Construction company
Edi.M srl
via P. Bonetti n. 1
40036 Monzuno (BO)
telefono 0516774413

fax 0516778425

Real estate agency
The Next Tuscany

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  • Our services

    As an example, we summarize the performance and technical and professional services offered:

    – drafting of building practices to obtain the “certificates of permission” carry out the work;

    – practices that obtaining permits hygienic, health and trade;

    – design and project management for new construction and renovation of residential buildings, rural and industrial purposes;

    – preparation of bill of quantities;

    – “Safety at Construction” pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008, as amended;

    – preparation and execution of surveys plano-altimetric aimed at the training of maps;

    – execution and preparation of “types cadastral and/or fractionation” for updating cadastral maps;

    – editor of “land registry” for stacking of new buildings and changes in real estate;

    – operations riconfinamento with electro-optical instrumentation;

    – preparation of estimates and appraisals.